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Custom Enclosed Garage

Enclosed garages are the simple solution when you need more space for equipment, storage, or your newest toys. We will work with you to build a garage that is just the right size for your needs, down to the inch. With adjustable roof heights that can accommodate any size garage door, whether it needs to fit a single vehicle or a trailed cabin cruiser, we have you covered. And, we can have it up in just 2-3 days.

Creating a separate enclosed garage in Eustis, Clermont and Groveland allows you the ability to grow along with your passions and professions.

These garages are perfect for:

  • Keeping growing classic car collections out of the elements and in pristine condition
  • Getting your new boat off the driveway and into a secure and protective storage space
  • Storing equipment for you or your family’s new lawn care venture
  • Hiding away an RV until it’s time for the next great American road trip
  • Reliving your garage band glory days + more

Detached garages also provide a few advantages to attached garages or other alternatives. They are typically cheaper to build, which means you’ll get more generous space for your money. You’ll also save on insurance costs compared to attached garages.

The biggest advantage of all? Flexibility. You’re free to put your garage exactly where it needs to be, whether that’s tucked out of the way or right next to the house. If you need help placing your structure, our team offers land clearing and concrete pad laying services.

All of our garages are built to last with durable pine purlins and steel trusses. We use galvalume, a coated steel that offers 60+ years without the need for replacement for our roofs. Once complete, you can rest easy knowing that your garage is capable of handling anything, even hurricane-force winds up to 170mph. 

For over 13 years, we’ve been helping clients create the extra space they need all across Clermont, Groveland and Eustis and Lake County.

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